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13-11-2016, 09:38
Don't fancy using this stuff other than at this time of year, probably to pimp high attract singles / pop ups. Thinking a citrus or berry flavour. Probably used in conjunction with a northern special. Any tips or preferences for winter ?

13-11-2016, 09:57
The only one that I've done any good on is the original pineapple one.

13-11-2016, 16:05
I've had a few fish on the almond one. Don't think it matters what pop ups you are covering if you're soaking them in it. I just chucked a selection of white ones in a pot and covered them. Couldn't tell you what favour they are now they've been in there about 3 years.

17-11-2016, 16:45
White Proper Job Pop Ups Crabs with the pink Crab Goo are my go to single all year round. Honk but **** me are they reliable, sun rain or snow.

Used to do really well on the Proper Job Banana in Orange soaked in Nash Banana Palatant Oil if you're after a fruity one that's a bit different.

roley moley
24-11-2016, 13:09
Birchy, did you go find the goo soaks into the proper jobs or just coated the outside??

24-11-2016, 14:24
Birchy, did you go find the goo soaks into the proper jobs or just coated the outside??

soaks in... cut them open after a few weeks and the pink has penetrated 3 mm or so

29-11-2016, 05:18
Done really well on pineapple PJP in white soaked in either almond or pineapple goo in the winter. I use the thin goo to get soaked in to the bait then add the thicker one for instant attraction. The other plus with using PJP is they still float after year of soaking and 48hrs in lake!Starting using the white berry goo on the same PJP last spring so I had white hookbait this was also productive.

roley moley
29-11-2016, 10:04
how much had the goo soaked in after a lengthy soak? did they still smell of the goo after being out in lake for 24 hours?
am amazed the pjp take it on

29-11-2016, 10:16
I too use goo'd up PJPs. It takes longer to penetrate but given enough time it'll go right to the middle, same as other pop ups. I find it takes a couple of months soaking to get to the point they're still good after 24 hrs on the deck.

Edit: at least 2 months.

29-11-2016, 12:45
I find if you use the thinner goo they will have taken it on after a couple weeks but the longer you can leave em the better... my pineapple goo ones with the thick n thin goo look yellow before you cast them out but after being in the water the turn a pale orange.PJP will take them on fine but to get the goo all the way through you need to use the thinner one.

29-11-2016, 16:46
I have had better results on the thinner goo with hookbaits and on particle.

30-11-2016, 12:23
With regards to the goo, doesn't it just alter the flavour and colour of the hook bait or does it give any extra pulling power, I bought some a few months ago just out of curiosity really and just wondered how people were getting on with it?

30-11-2016, 12:46
I don't think it adds pulling power, rather it prolongs the pulling power - I though the stuff was pants until my mate demonstrated it to me but showing me a bait that had been on the deck for 24 hrs - it smelled almost like it was fresh out the pot still.
Most pop ups smell of nothing after 24 hrs, this stuff just keeps pumping out flavour for hours and hours, which makes the baits more effective in my book.
Sure, you might say any glug does that but I aint found one that holds the flavour so well without being overpowering.
Who knows if it actually works but I've had some great fish using goo'd up pop ups so now it's a confidence thing for me.

30-11-2016, 16:55
Food for thought, Yonny have you used the supreme and the bait smokes?

30-11-2016, 19:04
You need to use the thinner ones to get the goo right into the bait then I add the thicker goo for more of an instant attraction.

Edna Birch
01-12-2016, 00:04
soaks in... cut them open after a few weeks and the pink has penetrated 3 mm or so

And think what that might be doing to your skin with constant use.

05-12-2016, 13:52
which one is the thinner one?

05-12-2016, 17:13
The Supreme one