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23-10-2016, 08:04
What do you put in yours ??

23-10-2016, 13:43
Bread crumb and maggot

24-10-2016, 07:21
Interesting one this, as I think I am right in saying that when it was originally used / invented the mix was designed to carry oil, which dispersed in the water column and drew fish down / in. Goes against the grain a bit in cold temps but is my recollection right? Nick used to make the mix up days in advance and let it soak up all the oil over a period.

Personally I have only ever used very small sticks with groundbait and crushed hemp in - far from what was intended and probably far from ideal lol

Nik Nak
24-10-2016, 14:26
I remember reading a good article about how the stick came about, kathrynshubby is 100% right. It was originally designed to get oil into all layers of the water column through a winter campaign. Nick used to soak the mix quite a few days before, he had a winter and a summer recipe. All of them used the old tinned meaty marine from Dynamite. Sadly no longer around.

I use hemp oil and a fine groundbait all year round really, sometimes mix in some of the amino black depending if you want it to stand out or not..

As long as the oil remains liquefied in the fridge it should be ok for winter use. Plenty of winterised versions out there too.


26-10-2016, 19:14
Molasses in place of oils in the winter ??

27-10-2016, 12:09
50 % of granola blended - look on the ingredients list and use what takes your fancy I like one with high nut content plus natural sweetner like honey golden syrup or molasses. Usually one of these https://www.dorsetcereals.co.uk/things-we-make/type/granola/

50% blended richworth tuttis. - frozen variety

Mix the two above blended powders. equally.

Blend one tin of sweetcorn add a glug of hemp oil and molasses and a sprinkle of brewers yeast. Add the blended powders untill required consistency is obtained...

bag it up and leave at room temp for a day or two to ferment and then freeze if not required straight away.

single wittled down tutti on the hook....

To be honest I use the above for much more than stick mix in winter I like to mix it with hemp spomb it out and fish the stick over the top...

29-10-2016, 17:14
Half loaf of white bread in blender, blitz it up. add a handful of haiths nectar blend, a handful of calcium casienate(lambs milk replacer will do if cost is issue(but you wont get a better cold water dispersion than casienates) a dollop of hemp oil and a generous helping of CSL....Then a little cap of neat vodka..shhh don't tell anyone..:thumbs:

10-11-2016, 11:44
Mainly boilie crumb and small (2mm) betaine pellets.

Then whatever I feel like adding on the day; hemp oil, nutramino, salt, boilie flavour, betaine, crushed hemp etc. It's not exactly a science!

10-11-2016, 18:37
Cap Oil seems to remain liquid in cold weather not sure if that leaks out ok though.