Security and Site Sale Rules

A lot of users of this site, this for sale board in particular, are giving both their home and mobile telephone numbers as a point of contact.

Be aware that this site is accessed not just by anglers but by potential undesirables as well and that, for example, addresses can be obtained from a knowledge of just a telephone number.

If you wish to pass on telephone numbers I strongly advise you to use either standard e-mail or the excellent private message service which registered users of this forum have access to.

Please also be advised that all transactions are private between forum members and CEMEX Angling will not enter into any correspondence in respect of private sales. Any post relating to such bad deals will be deleted.

CEMEX strongly advise collection or delivery of products, if an item has to be posted please make sure you have as many details on the buyer/seller as possible. Also if it is a pricey item try to get something in writing where possible saying about the agreement of the deal, every little bit will help when deals go wrong.

Only fishing tackle and related items, such as cameras, may be sold on this forum. Any other items posted will be automatically deleted.

Links to items for sale on e-bay are also not allowed and posts containing references to such will be deleted.
Links to commercial websites will also be deleted.

The For Sale is for use of individuals to sell unwanted tackle at a fair price it is NOT for traders to operate a business, be aware anyone thought to be operating as a trader will get their posts deleted and could be stopped from using the forum.