Hi There, not very often I put pen to paper so, to speak. My fishing mate, Harry, and I have fished all of the lakes at Burghfield over the past 22 years. We have caught hundreds of fish from roach/perch to the mighty Carp and Pike. 90% of our catches are recorded on PHOTOs AND DVDs so we can look back with pride and say what wonderful days they were. Many of our DVDs ended up in Bristol to be included in BBC natural history programs. A lot of anglers kept swims clean and tidy and would cut back to allow themselves and other anglers plenty of room to spend a couple of days relaxing. Now we walk the paths on behalf of West Berkshire Council sending photos of Fly Tipping dumped overnight. Cottage Lane is a prime example of overnight fly tipping. Anyway time Harry and I got ready for a walk. Hope to see you on the bank sometime.