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Thread: More Carp Books - including some hard to buy ones

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    Default More Carp Books - including some hard to buy ones

    PM for prices

    Carp Fever Kevin Maddocks
    Carp Fishing Advanced Tactics Simon Crow
    Big Carp Multiple
    Behind the rods Bill Cottam

    Carp Life Mike Willmott
    Carp Life 2 Mike Willmott

    Confessions of a carp fisher BB
    Discover Carp Fishing Simon & Rob Hughes
    Carp ! Tim Pasley & Friends
    Cassein and beyond Steve Briggs
    A merry Olde Dance Micky Grey
    Carp. Short Session Success Julian Cundiff
    Carp Baits Uncovered Multiple
    The Carp Strikes Back Rod Hutchinson
    An Obsession with Carp Dave Lane
    Starting Carp Fishing Julian Cundiff
    Carp Rigs Kevin & Julian Cundiff
    The Ultimate Carp Rig Book Tim Pasley & Friends
    Living the Dream Nigel Sharp
    A flick of the tale Dave Lane
    Practical Carp fishing Julian Cundiff
    The Urban Myth Terry Dempsey
    Rod Hutchinson's Carp Book Tom O'Reilly
    The Forgotten Chapters Multiple

    Subsurface Issue No 1 Multiple Authors
    Sub Surface #2 Multiple Authors

    The Horton Chronicle`s Multiple Authors
    The Wraysbury Chronicle`s Multiple

    A century of Carp Fishing Chris Ball, Kevin Clifford and Tim Paisley
    Carp Kevin Clifford
    Big Fish in Foreign Waters Tony Davies Patrick and Leon Hoogendijk
    Heads Down Tails Up Martin Clarke and Friends
    Memoirs of a Carp Fisher Kevin Nash
    In Pursuit of Carp and Catfish Kevin Maddocks
    Drive and Survive Carp Adventures Jason Rider
    Savay John Harry
    Carp Amid the storm Tim Pasley
    A history of Carp Fishing Kevin Clifford
    The Kind Carp Waters Chris Ball
    Light my Fire Ian Chillcott
    Memories of Carp Tim Paisley and Friends
    Strategic Carp Fishing Rob Hughes and Simon Crow
    Ritchie on Carp Ritchie McDonald
    River Carping Multiple Authors

    Redmire Pool Kevin Clifford and Len Arbery

    My Misspent Youth Darrell Peck

    Carping Uncut Jim Shelley
    Carping Recut Jim Shelley
    Fox Stalker IG
    Fox Bonsai IG
    Greys XFlite Carp rod (Original one not a X Flite Plus)
    Issue 74 of Pike and Predators

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    How much for sub surface one

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