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Thread: RIP Bob Baker - Richworth

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    Unhappy RIP Bob Baker - Richworth

    Very sad to report the passing of Richworth founder Bob Baker.

    Richworth was the first company to produce readymade freezer boilies back in 1983. I remember walking into Arnolds Tackle Shop up by Stanborough Lakes in Hertfordshire and seeing a freezer full of Richworth Tutti-frutti flavour boilies…and so the readymade boilie industry was created.

    I had the pleasure of dealing with Bob whilst helping organise the Carp Society shows at the Queensway Hall in Dunstable during the early to mid 90’s, and was fortunate enough to have fished alongside him during a session at Hotron back in 1996, where he and Albert Romp had me in hysterics as they bounced of each other for hours like a seasoned comedy duo recalling old funny stories.

    A true gent who’ll be missed within the carp angling community, and our thoughts today are with his family.

    Thanks for saving me so many hours hand rolling baits.

    Richard Stangroom

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    Very sad news.
    Make Bait...
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    RIP Mr Baker... Salmon Supreme and Tuttis worked very well for me as a 14 year old kid way back in 1984...Thank you for the memories

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    I have very fond memories of buying 5kg bags of strawberry jam boilies on the way to broadlands in the any method trout days.. Wonderful times indeed.

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