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Thread: Where's everyone gone??

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    Default Where's everyone gone??

    As per the title, is there another forum where all the lads from here went or did the majority just give up with it all. I can't imagine the wealth of knowledge ended up on fb?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lincscarper View Post
    is there another forum where all the lads from here went
    A fair few are now on carpforum mate.

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    on the naughty step...again in bucks

    Default above.all the know it alls post on there on e very subject even when they know f all about a r
    Above included.
    thank your mother for the rabbits...

    rex hunt

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    Where the whiffer will ever see,
    Once a whiffer you will always be,
    For life and times that test us hard,
    The worlds a whiffing in our back yard,

    From the flames I rise again,
    Like a phoenix, without the pain,
    Many more rhymes ill write for you,
    For Nerys, for cash, for Dave and for Lew.

    I hope you laugh,
    I hope you smile,
    But most of all I hope to rile,
    The numpty ones that we all see,
    The whiffing starts, what will be will be.

    We are still here
    I whiff em here and I whiff em there .....!

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