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    Sticky has put up over 5 hours of video footage which makes fantastic viewing, my favourite is the Secret Lake with Yates and Bowler. Mr H also has an hour odd video about his 50Ib capture on the Thames, he rightly says he won't disclose the location, but if you've fished the stretch and are familiar with the carp then its not hard to work out where its is especially the Drone footage. I have heard that the secrets out of the bag and its rammed with bounty hunters with a certain named angler also after the Mirror, if you are or was currently fishing for the carp my condolences are with you, it never should have been publicised and i was under the impression it wasn't going to be but there you go. It may grow legs and move up or down stream on its next capture if it hasn't done so already as its been out twice since H had it, but thats just speculation. I can imagine its not gone down well with the boys fishing for it now the lids blown off, would be a good story from an other perspective, not saying that strokes were pulled but you never know these days in carp fishing.

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    Thumbs up from me on the Yates/Bowler video, would love to find a spot like that for fishing

    Helleur video so so, its a great fish at the end but already stated a real let down for others who were putting effort in and now the circus descends on them

    Got to watch the others but they will have to go some to beat Yates/Bowler and i don't think they will come anywhere near

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    That part of the thames is now fkd. People camping there already for the off...lot of possed off ppl that fish the thames at mo
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    It was blatant what NH did but I doubt it was much of a secret anyway.

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