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Thread: main line mono

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    Default main line mono

    Used to love fox excocet main line but the last one I brought has changed from the original now really don't like it, any recommendations like the new nash bullet etc..
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    I'm sticking with black technium but have heard good things about Berkeley CM90....
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    You wont go wrong with Berkely Big Game , trouble is its been around for ever and like most things loses it appeal as new Wow sounding names of line appear.
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    I've been using the ESP Synchro XT in 15lb in very deep and rocky lakes in the Alps for the last couple of years: As yet (!) I've had no problem with this slow sinking line despite some of the horrendous snags in the lakes. It seems to settle gently on the snags and with coaxing comes away from them easily.
    The Korda Subline sinks too quickly and snags up and braid and rocks seem to be cut through very quickly.
    Good casting line too with little memory.
    I'm really impressed with it.
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