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Thread: New Korda hooks

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    Default New Korda hooks

    I know it’s a bit of a ghost town on here but wondered if any of you have opinion on the following.

    The new Korda hooks are ridiculously sharp, but I am using the Krank on a barbless water and early signs aren’t good.

    I rarely lose fish with barbless but had two drop out on a slack line yesterday (double take after 15 hours blanking!) and the the two I landed both dropped out in the net. So question is, in barbless are they too bloody sharp? I always use aligners and haven’t had this problem previously. I usually use 8-12s and was on an 8 yesterday.

    Like I say, brilliant that they are sharp, but with barbless does easy in mean easy out?
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    Shouldn't do - I always use mega sharpened hooks on horseshoe (barbless) and rarely lose a fish.

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    Used them last week, out there for 16 hours an the hook points were black an rusted
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    They're wickedly sharp but any little nick or dink and the points are turned.
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    As above.know people that used them and wont use em again.

    Sharp....but comes at a cost ....the points snap when under pressure
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