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Thread: Fox Micron MXR+ Bite Alarms

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    Default Fox Micron MXR+ Bite Alarms

    Has anyone got a review of these alarms; thinking of buying some new alarms.
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    I’ve got 7 of them and have had them since release. Pukka alarms and do everything I need them to do. Downsides...leds are way too bright, easily improved by roughing up the surface of the led with a bit of wet ‘n dry or the wife’s emery board, making the light diffuse better in all directions, not just straight at you. Second slight niggle can be the battery connections at the positive end, easily rectified with a bit of tin foil folded up into a little square, to effectively increase the length of the ‘nipple’ on the end of the battery. My tip is to use energisers instead of Duracell’s, as they are slightly more generous in the ‘nipple’ department. From what I understand, even the NTXR’s can have this problem. It’s a very easy fix though.
    Battery life on both the heads and receiver are superb, I change once a year just for piece of mind really. Range is also very good, up to 200yds, which is plenty. Tones are mimicked bleep for bleep on the receiver, with no delay on first bleep etc. Overall, superb. Buy with confidence.
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