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Thread: Surface Fishing - Feeding Birds off?

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    Default Surface Fishing - Feeding Birds off?

    Does anyone have any experience of feeding gulls off whilst surface fishing is it an effective method and if so how much roughly does it take to feed them off?

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    Tell you what mate...i aint a violent bloke...

    But f me....i had a group of fish feeding the other week....a couple were chunks as well....then them fkin bags of wind started swooping down and made the whole lot bolt off in a second.
    I see leon bartropp video with some lazer the other week that works in daylight....but expensive.

    In my experience you cant feed em when one starts they all come over....including ducks and coots !
    Night nurse is meant to work though ??
    thank your mother for the rabbits...

    rex hunt

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    I've always found the night nurse capsules seem to melt in the water after a short time or do you mean throwing the bottles at the birds

    sometimes it best to start 2 feeding spots one where the fish are and an aside where you can feed the birds off

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