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Thread: Buoyant pop ups

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    Default Buoyant pop ups

    This might be a bit of a silly question but does anyone else have a problem with pop ups that are too buoyant ?
    It wasnít that long ago that if you wanted to keep a chord up for long enough you needed a cork ball or propper job and that was fine. But it now seems that all air ball pop ups are super buoyant

    For me thatís fine for chods / hinged stiff rigs etc but a ďstandardĒ pop up rig Iím struggling to hold the rig down without adding silly big shots or a lot of putty and it looks strange.

    I have added the little bits of lead out of leadcore but they do nothing really and I donít want to trim the bait too

    Any suggestions

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    Use big hooks and small baits.

    Try a ronnie rig for example on the above.a size 4 with a 13mm proper job.
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    Glugg the butchers out of them or drill team slightly and add the putty on the slight hole you've drilled.

    Personally I'd get a cc Moore roller and look to alter the size of the corkball and you will have total control on the balance for any particular rig.

    You have the added bonus of matching your feed or knocking up your own singles.

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