I’m pleased to see people’s views on the subject. Like bait boats and anything else that’s potentially helps I’ve fished long enough to know nothing beats time on the lake and baiting plans. I’m now in a position where time is extremely rare and valuable and have belonged to a club for 5 years which I’ve not given any time to but plan on doing so. I’ve spent 7 years on a water on and off and have 6 fish one of which was the biggest known fish a few years back and love the lake so I’m no quick results guy however I have a new job and it’s a steep incline and by next September I’ll be starting my Teachers qualifications part time so that’s another two years with limited time, my 2.6 year plan is to map out the lake it’s a good size and upto 50 foot deep so no easy task. In the past when I had time on my hands able to carry out a baiting plan and spend time on a lake I’d be happy to fish as I have done for well my entire time spent fishing. I’m now looking forward and age tells me things don’t last for as long as any of us want it to. Years come and go and I am happy to map out the lake initially for depth purposes and layout etc. Things change and it’s an on going process change and development so I’m wanting to make life a little easier.

I could spend 10 years fishing this lake and a new comer catches regularly purely out of chance and approach, that’s fishing and I love that and the sport. I am just wanting to speed up the learning process a little and maybe The deeper pro plus will help me achieve this.

How effective it is, is another question. Time spent marketing feature find by what ever means tend to help regardless.