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Thread: Old tentants mail

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    Default Old tentants mail

    I've been living in my house now that I own for well over a year and a half and we are still getting mail for the old owners of the house. More mail than we actually get. All kinds of stuff from shops, catalogs, bank stuff and credit cards!

    I have been putting them back in the post with notes saying the person no longer lives here.

    I have been into the local post office and explained also.

    Now today I opened a letter that I thought was mine as it was from my bank!!!

    No it was a credit card statement for a bloke that used to live in my house and he owns money!!!

    Does anyone know what I should do and will this affect my house at all?
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    It doesnt affect your house as its a different name rules changed years ago
    Send a note to equifax or experian or some of those credit companies to put it on file as theyshould do that aswell.
    Legally you are not allowed to open other peoples mail but i did it and contacted the companies involved and they stopped sending them

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    I had a similar experience although not after moving to a house but just kept getting letters to a name id never heard of, I binned the first few but then got worried it might be a debt and opend one and it was from a debt collection agency who I phoned and they wanted me to prove who I was so I told them to do one and a week later got a call from two burly debt collectors who told me if i didnt give them proof of identity they would get a court order to enter my house and take take goods to cover the debt.

    I was beyond furious and didnt see why the hell i should have to prove who i was just because some looser had lied to a debt collector, but in the end after a further visit my wife gave them the ID they wanted to get rid of them, Id have let them come with the old bill and told them to do one as well if she hadnt, but to be far we havent heard from them since.

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    had the same with the previous tenant (nigerian) when we moved in. letters all the time, would write on them 'no longer at this address, try nigeria' and put the back in the post box. after a couple of months of this was fed up with it, opened a couple, bloke owed over 30k to various banks, card companies etc, was waiting for a knock on the door from the bailiffs and it never happened! if i was owed 30k i would be kicking the door down, after that just binned the letters and about a year later never got any more.
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