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Thread: piking the Fens

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    Default piking the Fens

    ive always wanted to fish the fens for guessing there are a lot of different controlling clubs ?

    are most day ticket access or should I be looking to join certain clubs ?

    I'm not asking for specific areas, just general advice if possible.

    wouldn't want to travel up there and not be able to fish, or worse, get asked to move on by a club bailiff.

    Any advice please.

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    Any particular area you're considering? There's plenty of free water & cheap club tickets available. All drains have got pike in pretty much, even the very small land drains can hold some very good pike.

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    Big pike in the the Lincs/Cambs Fens are becoming a rarity now - the waters are nowhere near as prominent as 10-20 years ago.

    However,it is possible to find the odd big old girl lurking about but you need to put in the legwork and be prepared for plenty of blanks!
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