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Thread: Milk Protein Baits?

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    Default Milk Protein Baits?

    Many using Milk protein based mixes in their angling these days? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in terms of the extra expense?

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    I tend to use them all year occasionally play about with fish meals during the warmest months.

    I don’t use th finest available such as JB or Nutrabaits top end Milks but usually have a birdseed milk protein basemix. ABS usually puts one together for me and I’ve been playing around with JB milk and honey more recently.

    Milk Proteins are also found in fish meal baits such as Aminos at much lower levels of course.

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    Have made my own in the past and caught well on them. (50% milk mix made up of Casein /Calc Caseinate /Lactalbumin and the other 50% birdfood and Tigernut Meal)

    Very soft bait and no good for overnighters. short session only

    Far more easily digested by the carp than fish meals so i have been told which goes against a lot that is written elsewhere.

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