I'm sure there are others in my situation. Just curious how you managed to continue fishing?

I have a bad back since high school when I had an accident playing basketball.

I noticed is getting worse and worse every day, I'm 36 now and lately I had to pack up on two occasions and go home due to back pain. I know the drill now, going for some kineto therapy and probably good to go for couple of more months but it will come back and it will get worse with years.

I'm fishing a lot especially in Europe and mostly for big fish, spending weeks in bad weather,rowing boats, pushing barrow for miles and the worst holding big fish for camera which kills my back. Had a 73Lb in spring and while holding it for pictures I almost burst into tears from pain ). For the last year I can not even cast properly, using the spod no chance hence I've got a bait boat now but still struggling even when playing a fish more than 5 minutes.

What you guys suggest? Stop fishing and care for my back, reduce the gear down and fish for smaller fish?? I can not see myself just stopping or starting match fishing ).

I was thinking barbel may be an option?!

Any ideas will help.

Thank you.