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Thread: Cork handles

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    Default Cork handles

    Whats best wayvof looking after these, recently bort a pair of cork handle rods and wantvto look after them, also when placeing them up against brolly the bottom of them are getting damaged
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    Some quick tips

    Always dry them out before storing in rod bag for long periods
    I put my unhooking mat next to divvy to standard on
    Take the plastic off them, yes i have seen this left on to protect cork

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    Only have cork on my barbel rods myself. They have stainless butt caps and I massage in some vasoline into the last couple of inches lol. This seems to waterproof it to a degree and makes it much easier to clean the mud off. Not seen this advertised anywhere so may not be ideal but has worked for me for years. I would of thought that leaving the plastic in place would cause it to rot if wet as it can't breath. I think the way I do it works as there's still loads of naked cork left
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