Hi all,

Literally just joined this forum to ask a few questions. I have yet to buy my own fishing gear and was just wondering if anyone would so kindly lend some advice. I've done abit of fishing here and there, never really any of it serious. Mainly float fishing on freshwater and ledgering in saltwater however that was only a handle full of times. I've fished for carp but that was in a friends lake and if im honest it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Good fun as far as the fight is concerned but didn't seem to require any skill.

Anyway, i'd like to try my hand at freshwater lure fishing particularly using a baitcaster. I see alot of people using them now and it seems to be a growing thing here in the UK. I've only ever used a spinning reel before so it will be completely alien but im willing to give it a shot. I'd like to go after all sorts of freshwater fish from small perch to somewhat big pike (eventually). Thus i'd like an "allround" setup. I've been looking at some rods and reels and if I'm honest im honest (dont hate me) the abu garcia pro max combo seems the most cost effective option. However the problem I'm facing is that the casting weight is 15g to 45g I think. I'd be getting the 6ft 6 model so im not sure if those figures are for the 7ft model or for both. Regardless my main question is would i be able to cast out say a shad with a 6g jighead on it? Will this rod still be effective for a range of lures right down to 5gs? Another option would be the abu garcia devil casting rod which comes in 6ft 6 and has a casting weight of 5-20g which may seem better suited but to buy a seperate reel id be spending more money that the pro max combo and i dont want to since the devil is not as good as a rod as the pro max.

Note: I will most likely be spooling whatever reel with 12lb berkley trilene xl flurocarbon just due to the fact it has less stretch than mono but is easier to manage/ cheaper than braid which seems appropriate for a beginner like myself.

Thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you