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Thread: What am I doing wrong?

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    Well done...! You’re definitely getting there. Keep at it.

    Re losing the carp... it is possible that your line snapped because of a kink in the line or some other weak spot. This can be caused by various things. Maybe a split shot punch in too tight... or a knot tied incorrectly. (Always wet your line with saliva before pulling the knot tight)

    For using maggots, casters, pinkies, bread punch... I would not go higher than 3lb mainline on the canal. It’s all about having a nicely balanced setup. So small baits = small hooks = light hooklengths = slightly heavier mainline and this carries on to a balanced rod and reel. Ideally, as you use bigger baits, you’ll use bigger hooks etc etc.

    You’re doing great and obviously enjoying learning the art of fishing. It is a continuous learning curve and there is always something new to try. I’ve been fishing for 50yrs and I’ve learned a couple of things from this very thread, thank guys. I love these kind of educational topics. Keep the good work.

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    This thread put a real smile on my face. As others have said, light line, small hooks and balanced tackle will get youfar more bites, albeit sometimes at the expense of the odd lost fish.

    A good compromise can be to have a second rod legering on slightly heavier tackle and using a bite alarm. This is what I often did as a youngster, with the light float rod keeping you busy, and the odd bonus bigger fish on the ledger rod.

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    It's great to hear from someone who is just enjoying fishing not matter what!
    Keep up the good work.

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    Good angling, perch like cover to ambush prey fish.

    Your choice of swim was perfect for a net of them and you did just that which indicates good presentation

    Each time you go to a learn something or have something to figure out

    Just this week I fished a stretch of River with maggot having only fished with boilie, had a great evening and a hook straightened as I was not looking at the rod

    Taught me to go back to basics, if I had caught the barbel I would have been a very happy chappy.
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