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Thread: RIP Flookie

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    Unhappy RIP Flookie

    Waited a few days to see a post appear on here, but I haven't seen one so decided to post myself.

    Unfortunately the original Hippy passed away last weekend.

    I know there's many members on here that encountered Phil over his angling life and his work with disabled children and many of you donated surplus fishing gear for Phil to aid the kids he worked with and give them an introduction to fishing as part of their care and education.

    He was a very kind hearted man and will be missed.
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    How sad. Yes he was a lovely guy.
    God bless you Phil.
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    Only met him once when dropping a bivvy and some stuff off to him for the kids while he was on pit 4. Ended up sitting there for 2 hours drinking tea.

    Seemed a lovely bloke, very sad news. ☹️

    Thanks for letting us know though.
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    R.I.P Phil.

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    A very sound bloke and one who will be greatly missed.
    Sad news.
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