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Thread: trakker ultralite (Aquatexx)

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    Default trakker ultralite (Aquatexx)

    trakker ultralite (Aquatexx)

    Selling my trakker ultralite (Aquatexx) £160 ovno Iíve had from new, never let me down,this was the latest version sold by trakker with the Mozzi infills attached, this is a genuine sale. Zip in Front is like new as is the scull cap. Only really used it as a Brolly It comes with zip in front, scull cap & ground sheet pegs polls bag etc. Couple of things to take note of. Small hole side corner from use (see photo) itís on the seam had no issue with drips with scull cap on. Just needs a clear Bivvy patch put over it on seam thatís all. Missing 4 screws on the quick sticks but can be replace on eBay or trakker direct £9. Bag has 2 small holes in bottom from block on Brolly. No leaks or other rips other than indicated
    Location aldershot

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