I thought this may be an interesting subject to talk about playing fish and the styles of playing is used from angler to angler. I was thinking about people playing fish with the rod high in the air mostly and wondered why many carp anglers haven't adopted the rod low to the water when playing them?

I remember reading a piece of material by Ritchie McDonald explaining how he would bluff when playing a fish by pulling a fish towards a snag instead of away like many people would. The result was that the fish would often stay away from the snaggy area. I have actually used this myself and must say it can work!

Match anglers also play their fish low to the water and it appears it brings the fish up higher in the water. So it brings a question as to why we wouldn't do so in heavy Weed. Maybe some people already do, just food thought and it would be interesting to hear other people's opinions of the matter.