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Thread: First Ever Time Coarse Fishing - Any Advice For A Complete Newbie?

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    Default First Ever Time Coarse Fishing - Any Advice For A Complete Newbie?

    Hi guys!

    So I'm going to try coarse fishing for the first time on Sunday and thought I'd just see if anyone has any tips/advice... I've watched hours of Youtube videos to make sure I'm as clued up as possible but figured anything extra would be a bonus! I'll post photos to show how it went (assuming I have something to take pictures of (!) on Monday).


    I'll be float fishing at Highwoods Country Park in Colchester and according to the website they have roach, tench, gudgeon and carp. I've got the following equipment, so I guess the first question is... Is there anything I'm missing?!

    - 11' Rod
    - Reel
    - 6lb Line (I think)
    - Pack of Floats
    - Disgorger
    - Float Adapters
    - Shots
    - Size 10 and 12 Barbless Hooks
    - Landing Net
    - Landing Mat
    - Plummet
    - Chair!
    - Nail Trimmer
    - Scissors
    - Hand Gel (I hear carp stink!)
    - Bag of Frozen Sweetcorn for Bait

    The Fishing

    I've watched a bunch of videos on plumbing the depth so I think I know what I'm doing there, and I know how to cast and strike etc. A couple of questions that I do have though:

    - How do you work out how to set the drag? I was going to go somewhere in the middle, maybe slightly looser, but is there a way of working out how much drag I'll need?

    - I've been advised by the guy in the shop who has fished there for 25 years to use sweetcorn as bait... Should I bring anything else? Will I need groundbait or will I be okay hooking a couple of kernels of corn and then throwing 15-20 kernels in every 5 mins or so? I'm keen to make sure I catch something on my first trip, no matter how small lol. Should I buy maggots too in order to stack the odds in my favour? Do I need to mix up some groundbait when I'm there? Any advice here would be great.

    Anything Else

    I have no particular fish I'm looking to catch... To be honest starting small would be preferable (although I've been told if I'm doing things right I'll get carp anyway as there are loads there).

    Did you make any particular mistakes when you first started? Is there anything you wish someone had told you? Anything you've picked up along the way?

    Really appreciate any help you guys can give in advance!


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    Don't limit yourself to one bait choice.
    Maggots, pellets, luncheon meat and bread will all catch fish under different circumstances.
    Tight lines

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    Hi Mike, my first post here too. I have just started a few weeks back too, in Surrey.

    Pinner's comments about bait are very timely. I started on sweetcorn and have now tried maggots for the first time. It seems to me that fish found in day fishing venues are absolutely mad for maggots, but sweetcorn does work as well. Tomorrow I will be trying some garden worms in Bushy Park, as I'm still experimenting, but I will have maggits and sweetcorn too

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    How did it go?

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    It went well! Thanks for asking

    I was there for around 4 hours, caught 5 fish - 2 x Roach, 2 x Perch and 1 x Carp (which took me by surprise... baptism of fire reeling that one in! Any estimates on weight would be interesting).




    Looking forward to getting back out there

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    I brought sweetcorn, bread and luncheon meat but only actually ended up using the sweetcorn as it seemed to be doing the job

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