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Thread: Where to look for beginners?

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    Default Where to look for beginners?


    In advance apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    Recently been on my first two fishing trips with a friend (who has been on quite a few fishing trips). While we've been out fishing, he's caught 2 fish and I've had one bite (what a thrill haha). Both trips were overnighters, probably 12-16 hours out there each trip. Two different lakes out in Kent.

    I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to start learning a little more, as at the moment he pretty much sets it up for me and then I cast out.

    We've been using two rods each with weights on the end and what I imagine is a hair rig? You attach a pellet or other bait to a spike hanging beside the hook. He had a few PVA nets which we filled with groundbait on a few casts.

    That is probably not enough information to tell you what I'm doing wrong, but I'd appreciate if anyone could point me at any good videos or articles that I can read up on between fishing sessions!

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    Carpfever by Kevin Maddocks would be a good start. You tube has a heap of videos just keep it as simple as you can and get you friend to teach you.

    The knot less knot, The Grinner are a two knots to learn for starters. Ask the Tackle box if they area catalogue to look at else browsers the online shop. And visit your local one if you can.

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    A few more trips with the friend and then get on an easy water and catch lots of fish. You will learn as you catch believe me.
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    You can get it cheaper than on this link, but this is a cracking book, and covers a lot of ground.

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    Dare I say it, but booking an Angling Coach will get you on the straight and narrow.

    Where are you based?


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