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Thread: Bedchair sleep system

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    Default Bedchair sleep system

    Sorry as I've done this before but can't seem to be able to search for my previous threads so doing again

    Going to be getting a sleep system for the first time

    I'm 17st and 6.1 so need something roomy but also looking for something compact ish as take the kids a lot and need space in the car. . Only really do 1-2 nights on the trot as have a growing young family so doesn't need to be one of these massive over the top things.

    I like the idea of space at each end to store gear

    The ones I've been reading about are as follows

    Nash ss2 4 season

    Fox mk11 flat lighter

    Trekker oval bed system

    Any reviews would be great cheers
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    Yep fox mk2 flatliter great had my one a year now and can't fault it

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    Ss4 is the one. I've had mine for ages and it's comfortable. OK not Light but it doesn't need to be. Warm
    Folds up quick and easy with shroud on. And is better built then the fox. The oval looks nice though
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    Not tried the SS2, but I recently bought an SS3 4 season and very pleased with it.
    I’m 6ft and the beds plenty large enough. Hollow fill bag and mattress are very good. Folds up and fits on a barrow no problem at all.
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    Ok tried both Fox and Nash.

    SS3 nice and fairly compact and fairly light for its size. Only real downside and was enough for me to get rid of it was that it lets in cold air from underneath as under the mattress there is a mesh layer and air creeps around the sides of the mattress when you are all tucked up.

    Fox MKII Flatliter Compact. I am 6ft and 16 stone and this is a lovely bit of kit. It is more than big enough for me and gives that extra room either end. It is warm very warm especially if you get the winter cover. I splashed out and bought the winter cover and the normal cover. I find that way rather then getting the 5 season bag option and changing between the 5 and 3 season bag, it is far more versatile leaving the 3 season bag on and changing the cover, cheaper as well. It is also the most comfortable bedchair I have ever slept on. I have a lower back injury and the support system on this chair is top notch. The single leg at each end is also a nice touch. It does make it a pain to put on a barrow though as it doesn't sit flat.

    I have not tried the Trakker Oval bedchair and bag system but one to look at if you want space in the Bivvy.

    Hope this helps.
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