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    Quote Originally Posted by brey View Post
    The unknown angler....ok sir. What ever you say, I didn't expect you to come clean. The old saying you can fool some of the people some of the time......etc. Rings true for me here.

    I never doubted the actual capture??? I was just saying what I heard at the time. Sorry if you don't like it but that's what we heard. And from what Jeeves stated about the carps usual weight, it's not outside the realms of possibility is it?

    First 40 from the colne valley???! No mate. Definitely not. Wraysbury had done a 40 years before. Longfield had done 2 different 40's. And what about Harrow? Sure Lee jackson had a 40 years before this.

    No problem, Steve's read the thread, and thought your posts a bit odd, i think he is trying to join here.

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    No need for gates back in the day

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    Quote Originally Posted by brey View Post
    Awful and Not the first time this place has had a fish kill.
    Isn't the lake being lost to HS2?

    The 40 it done years ago was always in doubt as the chap never deducted the weight of the sling, and admitted it to friends at the time!!!!
    Wasn't hush either as everyone who fished pit 4 knew about it.
    Hi brey, I am Spartacus! Lol!

    Seriously now, yes i am the captor of that fish, and a few others from there.
    I genuinely, have never heard the story about not deducting the weigh sling before? I can tell you categorically, that is utter nonsense.

    Back then, pit 2 was a very hard water to say the least, and right back to when i started carp fishing in the 70’s, i have always taken it very seriously, and have never forgotten to deduct a weigh sling when weighing any fish.

    So, i’m not sure where that came from but, just for the record, it’s not true.

    Also, yes, i am very proud to have caught those fish, as for coming on, making out i’m somebody else to big it up 30 years later?

    No, i’m not the Unknown Angler, although i think i know who it is.
    So, i’m actually here myself, and yes i am going to big it up, both now and any other time i’m asked about it, as i am immensely proud of the catch and my achievements there.

    Pit 2 back then was very hard, mainly due to low stock, and the expanse of water, and the boats to contend with.

    I love pit 2 dearly for a number of reasons, including that unforgettable session. I have had a long association with the place, and i’m trully gutted at the recent tragedy there.

    My first carp i ever caught was from pit 2 in the 60’s.

    Then many years later, when i started to persue carp, i got re acquainted with the place.

    Anyway, June 16th 1988 Pit 2. Fishing a swim, i had dug out of an overgrown bank, a couple of days before.

    Mirror carp 14lb 7oz I was over the moon, a small but very special fish (long story)

    June 17th 1988 Pit 2.

    Mirror carp 40lb 4oz. Weighed on three sets of scales. One set made it 40lb 6oz and two other sets made it 40lb 4oz. So we (two witnesses) and me agreed on 40lb 4oz.

    Now, i suggested the two witnesses who were fishing pit 4, should go and get Barry and Les, as they had a better cameras than me but, because it was such a big event, it was decided that it should be kept low key. One of the witnesses was also a committee member, so it was all a bit cloak and dagger.

    In all honesty, i wanted to tell the world, i put in a lot of effort for the fish, a lot more than many might know.

    Anyway, i was asked to keep quiet, and i did, apart from close friends and family. I caught that fish at about 5.30 am, and by time i had popped home a couple of hours later, my wife already knew about it?

    Anyway, later that day, i had a 33lb mirror, a 28lb mirror and in the evening, i lost a nice fish at the net. There was more to come i’m sure but, my work partner, arrived at the lake to remind me, we had work to do, so i grudgingly packed up, albeit like a dog with two willy’s!

    Great session, a bit of a fairytale for me, and pretty much unheard of back then.

    To prove it wasn’t a fluke, i returned two weeks later, and had a 26lb mirror.

    So, i was silenced for a long time but, now, i’m happy and proud to big it up about that session, who wouldn’t be?

    Chris Ball might remember, he spoke to me on the banks of Savay about the fish. I gave him all the facts but, asked him for a bit of discretion because of the clubs wishes.

    I think Chris put the fish in the list, and the captor was A. Nother.

    Anyway brey, that’s the short version.

    Do we know each other, i was a regular on pit 4 before, and after fishing pit 2?

    A few i can remember:

    Barry and Les

    Les Boardman

    Paul and Jerry

    Paul Pynnan

    Big Frank



    Phil King

    Bob Hall

    A good few others, even yourself maybe?
    A few blokes from Essex.
    When i first walked round it, Rod Hutchinson was fishing it.

    Anyway, if you ever want to know anything about those waters, in that era, let me know.



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    Nice one SK
    "Aaaggghhhh he fell for the old phoney phone call gag"

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrongrod View Post
    very sad. I was a member for a few years, I meet a lovely bunch of bloke, and had some very funny BBQ's on there.
    Then we realised you was a melt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuietlyAvinEm View Post
    Nice one SK
    Thank you mate

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    That’s cleared that up then. Long time no see Steve

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