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Thread: Shimano reels

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    Default Shimano reels

    I'm after some information/advice
    I'm looking at possibly buying some new reels what ones are good to go for?
    Shimano Ultegra 14000XTD or Shimano Ultegra CI4+ 14000XTB
    Would welcome some helpful advice please pros and cons


    I'm looking to upgrade my reels, I currently have got Shimano Medium Baitrunners.
    I want to go for Front Drag reels (Shimano,Daiwa etc)
    Would welcome your views and comments on which are good and which ones to avoid.
    I have a budget of up to 200 per reel.

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    The ci4 will always be a better reels
    Better engineered and better materials used although the price will reflect this to .

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    I had the orignal ci4 14000 xtb reels and they where great reels.

    I now have the newer ci4 14000 xsb as I don't like the baitrunner caps. These are fantastic reels for the moner, super smooth, fantastic clutch, spare spool etc...

    I haven't owned the non ci4 versions so cant really comment on those but as carpnut1 has said the ci4 is built from better materials.

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    I bought some xtds for a cheap set up.. imo they are not Great tbh.. they have a cheap and nasty feel about them.. the clutch is garbage and the line constantly gets behind the spool which drives you mad pretty quickly. As for the other ones I really dislike the Shimano baitrunner cap too. Really pointless. I'd rather have some black emblems.
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    I got a 5500 xtd and think it's a great little reel. Added ice washers. Now thinking about selling my 2 cast'izm' sand getting a pair of xtd on my bank creepers.

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