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Thread: General fishing rod

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    Default General fishing rod

    I currently have two Nash Scopes 9 foot for my car fishing. But I am after another all round round.

    Bit of feeder work, put a waggled on if need be, bit of carp fishing.

    I need compact. Currently looking at the Nash Dwarf abbreviated in 2.0lb six foot version. Would this be ok for a general rod ?

    Will be used on small waters, either myself or my ten year old son. For half day sessions for silvers, carp etc. nothing massive.

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    Far better would be if you need tiny rod breakdown

    Six foot rods are not good to float with and 2lb is way overgunned

    John Wilson travel Avon quiver or
    JW Young's travel trotter

    Shakespeare Mach 3 xt match is available for under 60 quid on eBay

    Great float rod, 3 piece so boot friendly and includes rready rod sleeve. At a push could be used with light feeders such as feeder links

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