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Thread: Advice sought - Fishing in France

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    Good morning

    I am wondering if someone may be able to advise please.

    It is my boyfriend's 30th next year and he really wants to go carp fishing in france. I do not fish myself and have no idea where to start arranging a trip like this.

    I'm only looking at going for 4 days ish so ideally I would like it be somewhere close to a village/town/beach so I can stroll round at my own leisure whilst he is fishing.

    Any general advice / recommendations would be gratefully received as I really am at a loss with this one!

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    Blavet lake
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    Think you my be looking for a needle in haystack here !

    If you want the will be very difficult to find a carp lake somewhere close to one.a town is fine as most lakes are within driving range of a town or village...and they are pretty small with probably not a lot of life in them.perfect for a cuppa coffee and croissant but anything else you will be struggling.
    Then you need to think about how your going to get to said venues ? You will need a car to get around and then think about if you have found a venue...are you going to drive around yourself while your fellas fishing ??

    Few things to think about really. You need to speak to him and see what he wants to do regarding some of the above, or go on an organised one and both of you can chill out and you can still go to the towns etc as you want
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    My wife bought me a trip to Abbey lakes for my 40th and it was amazing. Would recommend it, its not too far to drive and the venue is great with showers etc and food package available. The fish are awesome too. Not much for you to do unless you drive into the local village where there are just the basics and a supermarket, otherwise you might have to just take one for the team and stay with him - it is his 30th after all

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    Les bruyeres
    About 20 minutes to the beach
    Village just up the road
    English owners
    B and b if you dont want to stay on the bank house about 30 yards from the lake across the road
    Plunge pool if you want to laze around

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