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    Default Tidal river

    Best way to fish tidal rivers? (Ouse from lewes to new haven) strong current and muddy banks!

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    Loads of fish I am told by a colleague. Trotted bread for bream. Both upstream, when the tide is coming in, and later on downstream!

    I fish the river above Lewes, OAPS sections.

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    I used to fish the tidal Thames.

    I would study the tides and on my way to work in the morning I would spread around 10-15kgs of particles at low tide on the gravels by the margins and then would fish it after work as the tide was coming back up over the bait (hoping the birds had not eaten too much whilst it was exposed!) - I always seemed to have the best success as the tide started to turn back out again. Lots of hard work but had some nice fish to mid 20's but there will be bigger!!

    I remember having to get down the steps to sink my rod after a fish took me into mid river just as a load of rowers were hacking it downstream.

    I live in Dubai now so the fishing is very different (from a Kayak) but would love to give that another go.

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