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Thread: New to the forum, help after few years away!

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    Default New to the forum, help after few years away!

    Hi all,
    Just to warn you I've a problems with my coms! Due to illness.
    I'm ok it the 'novels' are short, you can get confused with my woffle!
    I know what want to say...but between my damage brain to my fingers to type, lost in translation!
    I can stand (not sturdy but better than nowt!)
    My bad hand has about 20% use, the motion is robotic and slow! The grip isn't strong but I've been practing every day to adapt.

    Right that woffle out of the way lol
    I've was active with course, carp and sea casting before I suffered.
    Lost my memory (doesn't help lol )
    But things coming back slowly.
    I have still my carp tackle etc and my rods are old Abu Garcia 12 & 11ft rods.
    With only one reel left it's a Shimano baitrunner aero GTE 8000B with unknown line on!
    This is thing!
    Practice with 12ft one n reel.
    Left handed- left hand is my duff hand.
    The handle is too small, my grip and lack of sensation in my fingers, the grip goes, as I'll be looking at the fish not reel.
    So thinking exstend the handle with foam or what ever wor a fat grip!
    Landing net would have be in my right hand!! Arkard to say the least!
    My second option is:
    Getting a Active Hands General Purpose Gripping Aid

    And changing to right hand.
    With the gripping aid means that the rod is secured!
    And would hold all the time.
    If not by the time I got to stike putting the velco on and securing it, you can imagine what happened to the fish..
    The net use is not a prob with this option.
    Hope this makes sence so far?
    Question time.
    I would like to use my rods for the following:
    Small silver fish
    Medium f1 carp etc
    Large carp
    Any suggestion on 3 spools what size line on each?
    I can work out hook lengths and even the rigs I would use.
    Unfortianly I could rely on my own made rigs so I'm starting again.
    Thinking (again lol) ready made rigs for now! And in time with my hands make them myself like the old days.
    One real factor for me is safety on the waters edge!!
    So suggestion on a life jkt etc would be spot on?
    I'll stop this now..and ask more later.
    Bount be question for me back.
    One thing I'm also looking at a pole...I've got loads of pole float rigs..for another day. :-)
    Really apreciate your help and suggestions

    Bloody 'ell!
    Just read this through!
    No wonder people get confused!
    So sorry!
    If I cut the novels down you'll might be understanding me more.
    I'm struggling with what main line I should put in each spool x3
    Then I could work out the right leader and hook length for the size and type of fish in the lakes.
    To help the 12ft rod has a Tc of 2.5 f18 (what's the f18?)
    The 11ft has a 1 3/4 tc f11.
    As mentioned my spool is empty (apart from packing line)
    At the other end of the spectrum I have these rigs:
    Helicopter rig
    Hair rig size 10 hook
    Blowback rig size 12
    Chod rig size 6&8
    Hinge size 6&8

    Am I confusing myself ? Prob you are..
    I'll leave it at that....

    Just read this back!
    No wonder you'll get confused!

    Thinking back, I was getting confused!
    Just going to take my time...
    As long as I get the main line..the gooklength (smaller diameter) and right hook I'll be ok
    So many rigs n bait to try!
    Just make them simple!
    Can't go wrong! Lol
    Think hair rig with sweet corn and inline weight first!!

    taking it slow.....
    not caught anything....but enjoying taking part.

    thx for viewing.
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