Good afternoon all,

I am in the process of designing my own website from scratch and what better for the anglers that are truly mad about carp. Having spent a long time reading and posting on this forum, I was inspired to create something for the past, present and future of carp angling that we could all refer to for entertainment.

The first stage is to gather as many pictures from anglers that I can get to build up a history of the carp we have had the pleasure to angle for or still continue to. The chosen fish can be deceased, still happily swimming around or newly stocked fish. The year of capture, the name of fish (if it has one) and name of venue are needed. I am looking to build a portfolio of venues and fish as a library so we can all share our captures with each other.

This is a community based project and it would be great to build up a catalog of fish similar to that of the incredible Great Looking Carp List where each fish will be easy to find and be appreciated by all. I appreciate those that wish to keep the venues secret, or particular fish secret.

I have ideas in the future with regards to articles that can be published on the website if you wish to contribute. Of course all contributions will be welcome. I have so many ideas for the website but for now if you wish to help out please PM me and I will give you the email address to send the trophy shots to for starters looking to expand beyond that in the future. The venue can be in the U.K. and abroad.

This is very early days but I would like to think the community can come together and create something great! If you wish to support me I have created an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page. Use the title of this thread to find them.