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Thread: Ronnie rig query

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    Default Ronnie rig query

    Hi, just wondering if anyone on here have experienced dodgy hook holds using this rig? Seen quite a few posts on the so called " kiddy forum" from a few who have now dropped using this rig, im wanting to use this rig but am reluctant to do so in case of causing any damage am i being paranoid or are there concerns out there about this? Appreciate your thoughts

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    Hi pal

    I have been using the Ronnie rig for the last couple of seasons with barbless hooks. (Muggas)

    It has been sensational for me and the hook holds have been superb mostly middle of the bottom lip including many bream and tench.

    I am mainly fishing silty lakes and not heavily seeded waters though.

    If you are considering using a pop up I would definately give the Ronnie rig a try and go off your own results.

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    I've used the Ronnie using both Muggas and Krank hooks - never had a problem with any of the hookholds on any of the carp, tench of cats I've had.

    If you're worried why not try a very very short hinge stiff/multi rig?

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