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Thread: Learning to fish with a 5 year old

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    Question Learning to fish with a 5 year old

    Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping that someone could please give me advice about learning to fish alongside a five year old boy.

    My son would like to go fishing over the summer holidays.

    I have never been fishing myself, and neither has my husband or anyone in my family who could go with us (or give us advice), so we would both be totally new to it.

    I'm keen to encourage my son as I think it's great that he wants to try something new, but I'm worried that it's a bad idea as we don't know what we are doing. I'm also worried that, at 5 years old, he may be a bit too young. He is generally well behaved but is a typical 5 year old boy, very active.

    I also don't want to be an irritant to the people around us if we were to go fishing.

    So what I'm hoping for is some advice. Is this a bad idea? Would it be better to persuade him to wait a year or two?

    If it's a feasible idea, are there any family friendly places we could go? We are in West Yorkshire but would be willing to travel.

    Thank you very much for reading this, I am grateful.

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    Many angling clubs do tuition days for youngsters and beginners.
    I'd google all your local clubs and ask them what they do, good luck and enjoy the sport
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    I was about 5 when I started fishing.67 now.
    I did have a father who was an angler though and one of the best bits of advice I'd give ( in my opinion) is to give the 'kids angling kits' a very wide berth.
    There's plenty of full size rods out there that won't break the bank with reels to match and these days they're not the heavy glass fibre things they were when I started so they're quite manageable for a youngster.
    A lot of clubs have a junior section that are wanting to bring on the next generation of angler and I know there are lots of members in these clubs that will show you the ropes with their own tackle so you can see if the sport is for you before spending the cash.
    Good luck.

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    It's currently the annual National Fishing Month. There are events up and down the country to encourage newcomers. Many are free, many include qualified coaching and many are child friendly. In the following link I've brought up events within 50 miles of the LS19 postcode.
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