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Thread: French Runs Water

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    Default French Runs Water

    Anyone able to recommend one? The wife and I had a few trips to a place out in southern france where we could manage a couple of dozen fish to mid thirties in a few nights, but they have removed all the snags that made it interesting to fish...

    Someone drive and survive, where we can leave the kit securely and go exploring during the day, and be fairly sure of a few bites - monsters not necessary, but a bonus!

    Not askng much are we...?

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    Aren't they all?
    Froggy nod puddles, pah!
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    Fishabil kev ?
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    Bill's Lakes would be a good shout Kev. I went a few years back and Bill was very accommodating as I only had 4 nights. Most places I contacted would only take bookings for the whole week, but Bill charged me per night. I was on lake 3 and managed 12 fish up to 30lb, but there is a 70 in there. They've just opened another two lakes which look well stocked and have a lot of availability.

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