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Thread: worm bait information requested

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    Default worm bait information requested

    Hello, I am trying to find out how popular earthworms are as bait amongst coarse anglers.

    I currently breed various species of earthworm and I am trying to discover what species to specialise in to appeal to fishermen.

    Do you use worm baits?
    What proportion of your bait consists of earthworms?
    What species of earthworms do you use?
    Lobworms (Lumbricus terrestris)?
    Red worms (Lumbricus rubellus)?
    Dendrobaena (Dendrobaena veneta)?
    Brandlings (Eisenia fetida)?
    Gilt-tails (Dendrodrilus rubidus)?
    Other species?

    Any information you can provide will be helpful.


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    Hi there I use worms when match fishing for silvers mainly dendrobaenas for chopping and red worms for hook. Currently pay around 15 per kg for dendrobaenas

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    I use mainly lobs and they are a popular choice for bigger species of fish.
    If it was me I would concentrate on lobs and dendrobaenas as these are possibly the most popular amoungst anglers using worms.

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