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    Default Iphone help

    Or some reason my wife's phone is playing up. Problems as follows

    Will not let me connect to my home wifi

    Will not let me log into iTunes account on phone

    Photos have all disappeared (this happened before but managed to recover them after connecting to laptop)

    Will not connect to my laptop as it doesn't recognise the phone

    Won't let her message or whatsapp as once you click on the icon it just jumps back to the main screen.

    Very strange, I've tried everything I can think off,

    It's been on the blink for months but I've always managed to sort it.

    Don't really want to fork out for a new one if poss plus the sad bit is she has loads of pics of our children as it hasn't been updated for a few months

    Any help or tips would be great

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    Best thing to do is to go to the Apple GB website click on Support and type-in what model iPhone you have and what iOS it is running.

    You can usually find out how to cure most problems with Apple stuff there.
    You could also try a general search on the web, that will often take you to a page where particular problems with iPhones are being discussed.

    Link to Apple Support
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    Have you tried a hard reset?

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