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Thread: changing poles on Fox Evo

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    Default changing poles on Fox Evo

    Has anyone changed poles on the old Fox Evos. The Pole itself sits into a hard plastic 'foot' thats stitched to the material. Poles fit in the 'foot' with some secure retaining lugs. Obviously, I dont want to damage the retaining foot, forcing the old pole out....anyone with successful experience ?

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    I have changed them before... the feet are pushed on, no adhesive etc..... they should twist and pull off albeit sometimes very tight.
    Gripping the pole is the issue, i think i ended up taping around the pole and gripping with a wrench though far from ideal as the poles are fragile.

    btw, the different version evo poles are not always interchangable.... the original Alloy poles are a slightly bigger diameter than the FX or later ones (i think thats correct)

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