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Thread: Pimping up my emblem black reels

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    Default Pimping up my emblem black reels

    Hiya, bought a pair of these and as a little fun project fancy doing a little paint job on them, im going to have a go at turning them into "baboon wannabes" just wondered how difficult it is to open up the reel and pop out the two serated back plates so i can prime and paint them, anyone throw some light on this please, thanks

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    Hi mate, very easy to do, remove spool and washers etc off the shaft, un-do screw that is by the side of the rotor nut, remove rotor nut ( deep socket set helps ) and remove the rotor.

    Un-do all side plate screws and remove the side please, baboons Ar%%e plastic bits are held ewith a screw on one side and think the other just pops out.
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