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    Default help needed

    Looking to buy a fair decent camera, no idea whats what.
    Would like to be able to do self takes woth it, amd some nice pics, have around 300-350 to spend.

    Looked at the nikon d3300 is this any good? And how do you do self takes with them lol Always used phone for pics but have decided to treag myself
    seriel blanker

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    I got the D3200 a couple of years ago and it's been a revelation in taking better trophy pictures. I am still a relative novice but am getting a better understanding of depth of field, composition, lighting, camera settings etc.

    The 3300 will be fine but if you can stretch try and get the 35mm 1.8g lens. For the price its fantastic. It will help give you sharper images that the kit lens and will perform better in low light. You can also melt the background away if you choose too using a wider aperture.

    I use a remote for self takes, cost about 2 off ebay although I'm going to get an Intervalometer which allow more programming of number of shots, frequency etc.

    There's decent Gardner video on YouTube regarding self takes. The guy uses his mobile phone linked to his camera as a flip round screen as his camera (and the D3300) don't have one but I've found as long as you frame your picture prior to catching a fish this isn't an issue.

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