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Thread: Free spirit pike tamer

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    Default Free spirit pike tamer

    Looking at getting a pair of these rods, Will be fishing mainly margins or fairly close but just can't seem to make my mind up between the 10ft or the 12ft ones

    Fishing will be done with float and dead baits

    Anyone use these and what do they think of them
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    I use the boat rods and really like them. So I ordered some of the 12ft ones and thought they where horrible. Big and thick and cheap looking fittings. Just felt cheap and nasty to me. Ended up getting the drennan esox piker ones in the end which are 10x nicer IMO.. Found 10ft rods a pain unless fishing on a boat as by just the time you have a longish trace and lead with a long link etc the whole lot is pretty long so if you try and cast more than 20 yards the bait is catching on the ground etc behind you.
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    If you don't mind used older rods. Any of the daiwa esox bait pike rods will suit your fishing. Had powermesh whisker Kevlar and the dictator Neville tickling series. Will cast a decent bait also great under the rod tip. Older quality carbon with Fuji fittings. They often come around second hand.
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