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    Default New rod

    Looking to get a new rod as currently using carp rods but would like a proper pike rod, used for dead baits on rivers so can anyone advise me on some decent ones please. Usealy like cork handles lol what tc would you advise etc
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    last winter , i picked up 2 wychwood 10ft agitators for river pike fishing

    previously on some overgrown stretches of the wye and mersey , i was finding 12 ft rods just too long , especially when moving pegs . they are also well suited to canal fishing

    i think they are 2.75lb tc with a fast taper (tippy) but pretty sure there is a higher tc if you need . for the money im very happy with them (50ish) nice looking matt blank , cork handle etc and if they get damaged or broken its not really a big deal

    i still have my 12ft drennan pike rods for the big chuck on a still water , but for a mobile approach i use the 10fts every time .

    cant comment on the action as i havent had a fish on them yet !
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    P1 or P5 from Dave Lumb,built how you wish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carver View Post
    P1 or P5 from Dave Lumb,built how you wish.
    would second that. I treated myself to a pair of P1s two years ago. I rarely cast to the horizon preferring to fish close to the bank. Fished river reservoir and lake and landed pike to mid doubles. They were a pleasure to use. Full cork handles as like them. Reasonably priced-check out the website. ended up having a pair of carp rods made as well [despite how it sounds, I am not flush with cash but decided it was time to have some rods that match after nearly 50 plus years]


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    I'll third the P1.

    Mine are donkeys years old, the second set ever built after Daves own ones and I've still not seen a better pike blank.

    My short review is still on his website ☺
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