Iím new to this forum, and relatively new to fishing. I fished for years when I was a kid and started getting back into it this year. Iíve been fishing various lakes, but at heart I much prefer the river and this weekend I will be fishing the River Ouse in New Port pagnel!

I have a few questions as Iím still a beginner, so any help would be much appreciated!

Iíll be using a feeder on my rig and hereís what I would like to know

A) Does anyone have any diagrams to recommend setting up a feeder on my tackle?
B) Mixed reviews on how far to have my hook from my feeder when fishing for barbell?
C) Bait: Iíll be going for 8mm pellets with 6-8 hook, am I right?
D) Feed the swim with some ground bait, mixed pellets and hemp seed? Any suggestions?
E) I was always told to look for swims with a rocky bottom when fishing for barbell? Any suggestions?

Sorry for all the questions guys! Hope you can help.