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    Hi I am fairly new to pike fishing and currently have a lightweight 3-16g which i use on canals but am looking for something more suited for bigger waters and a mate has offered to sell me his barely used fox rage 10ft predator boat rod with a 3lb test curve . Just wondering if this rod would be suitable for fishing dead baits and bigger lures on large rivers and reservoirs from the shore.

    Cheers Angus
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    Hi Angus, I think the rod wil do the job, ideally a 12/13 ft 3lb would be my choice for bait fishing.but being 10ft will be fine as a mid/heavy lure rod,(no use with small lighter lures though) if it's cheap enough try it, can always be used for boat work if you ever go afloat.
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    Wouldn't the line pick up be a problem? 12-13ft would help more with baits fished on a float or on rivers.

    I do stand to be corrected though, I've never Pike fished in my life.
    Lots of love

    Rob x

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    I find casting a pain with a shorter rod, as you have a long trace etc.
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