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Thread: New to coarse fishing

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    Question New to coarse fishing

    Does anyone have any advice regarding the basic kit?
    Without making it madly expensive.
    Ive got tons of sea gear, but would like to give coarse / carp a crack.
    Based in Bromley Kent
    Thanks in advance

    Ive done a lot of sea fishing, but never coarse or carp.
    Can anyone advise on essential kit to get going?
    Many thanks

    Having done loads of beach fishing, i fanciied a change.
    I want to start fishing lakes and such like.
    Carp would be great, but i need to know the basic kit to get started.
    Will 100 be enough to get me up and running?
    Any suggestions on a starting rod, length, reel, line etc.

    Many thanks
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    Hi Paul,

    All my rods are old (had them 20+ years-save the new pair I had built which would not be in your price range) and so I cannot comment specifically on a particular rod. No doubt, others will be able to advise you better. However, if you are prepared to go second hand, you will find a number of suitable rods. As makes go, I would suggest you can't go wrong with Daiwa or Nash or Harrison. Nash have produced a number of low budget rods which may be suitable. If your total budget is 100, realistically, I suspect you could only expect to cover a rod and reel, line hooks etc. Don't assume that you need to have bite alarms etc to carp fish. You don't. They can be caught in the margins, in rivers etc on using floats, on the surface, using bobbins as bite detectors. I suspect you have some small lakes near you in Bromley so casting to the horizon isn't necessary. If you are not casting to the horizon, I would suggest a 12 foot rod with a test curve of maximum, possibly even 1.75 lb. There are a number of budget reels but if you can get a decent reel second hand, that would be better. My preference is Shimano but that said Okuma have produced decent reels in my experience.

    As for line, you will need to use mono as braid will be expensive. Mono also has more stretch. In your price bracket, Diawa sensor might be good. I tend to use 15lb GR60 You will see that a number of people will suggest lighter lines, but depending on the nature of the place where you are fishing you might not want to go below 10lb.

    As for hooks, you will know from sea fishing what the array of hooks there can be and 15 people can have 15 different preferences. A good, cheap reliable hook is the Drennan super specialist and usually cost under 3 for 10. I would suggest you try size 8 and 6 as a good basis. Throw in some floats, weight and some leger weights and you will have the basics.

    You build on your basics as you get more experienced and you have the money. Fishing, whether it be course, carp or sea can be a lifetime obsession. There is no need to have it all now. "Improved" tackle will be out next year and the year after. it will break the bank to try and keep up with it all. Your average fish won't know or care whether it was caught on the latest blingest rod / reel.

    If you are happy to go second hand, there are a number of people on this site selling tackle all the time in the for sale section. Although I have not bought off them, I do browse the section often and there appears to be very very few problems.

    Lastly, I would suggest that you read as much as you can. If you belong to the library, there are likely to be fishing books there. You will find articles on the net- some very good advice from very experienced anglers on this forum. I hope you enjoy your foray to freshwater fishing.


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