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Thread: Fishing braided mainline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macski View Post
    I use the Korda sub braid in 20lb,sinks really well but like most true sinking braids it's not the best caster,but I can reach 90-100 yards with it in still conditions, otherwise it's wind knot central!
    Cupping some water over the spool to ensure the braid is well wetted before you cast should stop those wind knots completely..

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    I'm a braid user, but mostly for Barbel on the tidal Trent. That said I always use a leader. What I have found though for distance braid isn't the answer. It's a mistake if you think braid is thinner. When you measure it the micrometer flattens in giving a false reading etc. Most good braid is now 8 strands and after use the braid is caught by the wind when casting and slows the lead down. Far better using a good mono with a leader it casts an he'll of a lot further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveaylett View Post
    Hi moose man

    Interesting. Can I ask, where'd you get the pike braid and is 25lb the strongest bs. I ask as I'm looking for a proper sinking braid for cats. I used to swear by the old Nash bullet braid in 25lb, but it's not quite man enough now the cats are getting bigger!
    Cheers mate.
    Dave I'm 95% sure it was Wychwood Pike braid, it's like a 2 tone green colour, quite an open weave. I found 5 spools in a bargain bin somewhere and grabbed them all! Boxes are long gone now as I filled all my spools with it a good couple of years ago.
    You won't snap the 25lb stuff I have with a rod!
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