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Thread: Fishing weather

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    Default Fishing weather

    What are the parameters for good/bad fishing weather? I'm looking for precise calculation...
    How can I decide if a day is ok/good/very good for fishing..

    Thanks allot!

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    on the naughty step...again in bucks


    look out the window

    no point in wasting your time in going by the weather man !

    if you aint wont catch nowt !

    just go mate..unless its absolutely frozen solid of course
    thank your mother for the rabbits...

    rex hunt

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    There are no rules like jeames said just get out there
    I've tried to analyse it but there's no definite pattern that I would swear to
    I've caught when I did not expect to and have blanked when everything looked perfect, same with moon phases I've caught well on a full moon on one water
    but have never caught on a full moon on another water.

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