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    I spooled my reel with around 300m of Line, making sure it came off the line holder in the same direction as my reel turns. I had done this before with no problems no twist. However, on this occasion I've got line twist. Could it be because of the way I tied the arbor knot onto the reel, I.e the wrong way? If so, how do I know the correct way?

    Also, say you want to tie a 100m of new line on top of what you have left is this ok providing it doesn't over-spool? If so what knot would you use?

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    Regarding the second part of the question ,its ok to put line over the top ,but being a person hopeless at guessing I purchased a line counter,now fill the spool up with some old rubbish line,turn the line counter the opposite way and peel of 100m( if you get what I mean) this then gives you the correct measurement for your new 100m,as for the line twist i couldn't say,hope this helps

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